Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Free Resume Writing Workshops to be Offered at Michigan Campus

Michigan's Flint Journal (9/24, Mostafavi) reports that a free workshop called How to Write a Winning Resume will be offered to the community on Saturdays at the University of Michigan. Bob Barnett, associate dean of UM-Flint's college of arts and sciences, will present the resume writing workshops.

Barnett said that he was shocked by a recent news article listing prices people would have to pay for help with resume writing especially in a dour economy. His resume writing workshops will cover everything from organizing information and formatting to selling one's self through presentation of work experience and education.

In addition, a group of volunteers who have experience with resume writing will also help Barnett give people one-on-one critiques of resumes.

Barnett said, "I think a good resume is more important now than at any point in recent history because the job market is so tight and so many people are applying for one job." He explained, "Employers are seeing hundreds of resumes. You want your resume to come to the top of the pile in any way [it] can."

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