Sunday, November 2, 2008

No Experience? What Employers Want on Your College Resume?

Having worked with and coached many college students and new college graduates to successful careers, I know that one of the big obstacles they face is - Where will I get the experience that employers seek?

Of course we encourage students to share information and experience from any of the following sources:

- volunteer work on and off campus
- classroom individual or group projects
- internships
- campus work study and non work study jobs
- campus clubs
- student chapter of professional organizations
- greek life leadership
- overseas experiences or study abroad
- working in a family business
- seasonal part-time jobs
- technical skills (self taught or otherwise)
- campus teams (eg. sports and music)

I have just discovered another great resource from QuintCareers. It is the College Experience Worksheet for Resume Development.

The worksheet goes well beyond just work experience but also helps college students identify their own positive skills or behaviors that employers are eager to see in new grads.


Randall Hansen, Ph.D. said...

Your posting could almost not come at a more perfect time -- as we have designated November 3rd as Job Action Day... a day for all job-seekers and workers to take some sort of action to find a new job or secure their current one... and certainly helping college seniors and new grads get focused on writing a stronger resume fits that goal.

Job Action Day 2008:

Marcia Robinson said...

Great idea for a job Action Day, especially with a 6.5% unemployment rate!

This is a good idea for a great grass roots effort to get the career focus front and center especially in tough times.