Friday, November 28, 2008

Recruiting Older Workers to Fill Employment Gaps

The Arizona Republic reported that employers realize they need to recruit and retrain older workers -- especially Baby Boomers. The article states that "mature applicants are seeking jobs in drastically changed workplaces that have gone global and digital on them, while often worrying that every rejection is due to gray hair."

Many companies are unsure how to recruit older workers.

Today's job market expects unprecedented tension as millions of older workers postpone retirement and keep working. Many work because they actually must continue to work for financial reasons. Additionally, some industries are growing so fast that they need to consider or rely on experienced older workers in the talent pool. Industries projecting to have these needs include healthcare, education, hospitality, energy, utilities, and information technology.

Companies desiring older workers emphasize flexible schedules, paid training, and phased retirement to keep or attract experienced workers.

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