Friday, November 7, 2008

Teen Workers Can be Sexually Harassed Too

A law firm in the state of Delaware runs a great blog on employment law. I found this information that I think is valuable for teens. The blog entry alerts employers to the fact that the number of teenagers filing sexual harassment lawsuits is on the rise.

Here’s a quote:
Employers should also take steps to address the special vulnerability of teen workers to sexual harassment. As an item on this blog noted a few weeks ago, an ABA Journal story reported that the number of teen-aged workers filing sexual harassment charges is on the rise. Teen workers are often part-time or seasonal, and may be in the workplace for the first time. They tend to fall between the cracks when it comes to training. Many restaurants, movie theaters and retail stores have teen-age supervisors and managers as well as workers. Teens tend not to realize that the standard of conduct at work is different from what’s permissible in a social setting.

If you are a teen who supervises other teens at work, be very careful about your actions. Knowledge is power so ask your managers for details about appropriate workplace behavior.

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