Friday, December 12, 2008

Competition for College is Getting Steeper

I commented on this post yesterday and wanted to share the posting here. It is a guest post from Todd Johnson at College Admissions Partners

Many of the most selective colleges are starting to release their application numbers for 2007 and as expected the number of applications at many of these very selective colleges again set records. Here is the bad news: (bad news if you are not a very competitive candidate)

Harvard applications are up 18% to more than 27,000
Princeton applications are up 6% to 20,188
Stanford applications are up 2.5% to 24,564
Brown applications are up 7.5% to 20,505
Duke applications are up 5.4% to 20,250
University of Virginia applications are up 3.8% to 18,776
University of Chicago applications are up 18% to 12,267
Northwestern applications are up 12% to more than 25,000
Amherst applications are up 17%
Dartmouth applications are up 10%

But enough of the bad news because there is some good news also. According to a survey of 386 colleges by the National Association for College Admission Counseling the average college acceptance rate is still 69%.

In other words, as long as you are willing to consider a school outside the most selective colleges, there is still a reasonable acceptance rate with most colleges. As always, don’t get hung up on the name of the college. Find the best college for your needs and if it one of the most selective, have a good safety.

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