Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Medical Assistant Vocational Training Program Checklist

Found a really great checklist for you if you plan to attend Medical Assistant training in a vocational program. Here is a quick summary from Medical Assistant blogspot:

1. Contact the vocational training school or online program and ask questions.
2. Ask if the program is composed, managed or taught by experienced medical assistant professionals.
3. Review the program syllabus.
4. Find out the program's success and pass-rate, the percentage of students that graduate successfully, sit certification songs and land jobs.
5. Ask about the vocational training program refund policy.
6. Choose only courses that meet your specific educational needs and goals.
7. Check the vocational school's recognition and accreditation status.
8. See if the website has a blog or public forum to read comments from students.
9. Examine the vocational school's address. Is it a physical address or virtual.
10. Ask around and seek advice from professionals in the field.
11. Know what employers want and the future outlook of the medical assisting career.


m rana said...

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