Monday, December 1, 2008

So Your Summer Internship Has Not Turned Into an Job Offer

You are working hard in your internship, it is approaching the end of summer and you still have not heard from the company about a full time career offer for after graduation. Do you have any idea why?

I met up with a colleague in HR this afternoon and we chatted about her company's internship program this past summer. Of course we discussed who made the cut and who didn't. It turns out that particular intern stood out and not for the right reasons.

This intern stood out for wearing, not one but two 3/8 inch "diamond" studs to work every day. Additionally this intern was known around the building to be constantly on his cell phone, as he walked the corridors. The last straw was the fact that this intern would fall asleep constantly in meetings.

I pondered our conversation on my way home and wondered why so many college students still don't fully understand that internships are an invaluable opportunity to impress employers.

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