Sunday, December 28, 2008

Three Weeks Without My Computer

If it were not for a really great Christmas holiday with my family, the last few weeks would have been horrible. Why? My computer died.

Many of my regular readers already know that my work computer became infected with a nasty virus. No one really knows the source of the virus, but the most probable source was from an infected downloaded. Since I write resumes, it is not unusual for me to receive several documents as attachments. Based on the consultants at McAfee, whatever it was, it had attached itself to my operating system. Several attempts to scan and rid the computer of these pests all failed. I finally had to get a new computer in place this past week.

Our home, at last count, has 6 computers, including mine that died. Had I replaced my laptop, which my teenager destroyed with a spill last year, I wouldn't have had to attempt sharing computers with family.

My husband uses four computers - 2 MAC's and 2 PC's, all for work. I felt lost and confused trying to use the one to which I was assigned. His mouse is set to use the right and left clicks contrary to how most people use theirs and his computers are password heavy and applications light. Sharing time with the kids on their computer was just not happening.

It is amazing how one gets used to working in a particular posture and location. The chair is different, the view from the window is different and the inspirational photos I keep around me are absent.

It's good to be back!

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