Thursday, December 18, 2008

Why College Students Shouldn't Pay Resume Writing Fees

We have been helping college students with resume writing for years. However, our first piece of advice, is always - Have you been to your college career center for help?

After years of career center operations experience, I am still always amazed how many students do not take advantage of resume writing services in college career centers.

Although not all centers have the same offerings, here are some of the FREE resume writing services available from college career centers:

- Handouts and sample college resumes appropriate for your major
- Lists of action verbs to help you get the latest industry buzz words on your resume
- Resume critiques offering feedback to enhance your resume and make it more attractive to employers
- Employer and recruiter feedback on your college resume is available through information sessions or even via email
- Online resume databases that allows you to store multiple resumes to distribute to employers who are interviewing on campus

Before considering paying professional resume writers, visit your college career center and talk to a career counselor. Many of these same career counselors work part time as professional writers for other services.


online writing editing jobs said...

Hey ,
Sounds great that you know all about your stuff! Its intriguing when you speak to someone who knows what they speak about, as oppose to reciting it from someone else they learned from. I can see you are very experienced and with your credentials it is quite obvious that you will make it far in life, or have already made it far in life :)

Marcia Robinson said...

Too many college students make the big mistake of not going to the campus college career center. Going as a freshman is not too early.