Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Little Fun With Google...

Rules: Google the phrase "[your first name] needs" and see what comes up. Post the first 5 and tag five folks to join the fun:

1 - Marcia needs a home (Got one!)

2 - Marcia needs Facebook (Still haven't decided!)

3 - Marcia needs your help again (Always)

4 - Marcia needs the loans to buy a large shipment of product... (

5 - Marcia needs to make room reservations for next year...(YES!)

I was tagged by The Career Encouragement Blog and so I am tagging the following friends to take a break and do something fun:

Roxanne Ravanel @ Savvy Job Seeker

Jackie Cameron @ Consult Cameron

Marianna Paulson @ Change of Heart

Evelyn @ Lyrical Purpose


Dee @ Leave the Bar

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