Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Online Job Searches Soar As Economy Sinks

Along with a rising unemployment rate, one other number is creeping up as well. That number, not surprisingly, is the number of people who are heading to online job boards to look for jobs, post resumes and create professional profiles.

Two things to keep in mind:

1. Online job search cannot be your entire job search strategy. Some degree of "Tech and Touch" is necessary. In other words, get up from behind the computer sometime. Read - Your Online Past Could Kill Your Job Search

2. If searching online, please keep in mind that a negative online persona can impact your job search. As you go online so does the recruiter. Read - Job Hunting? Dust off Your Online Persona

Here is an excerpt of an article from Information Week:

A report from ComScore showed the job search category was the fastest-growing content site category in 2008, with 51% growth. Nearly 19 million people visited job search sites last year, and ComScore spotted an atypical trend: Job search activity increased over the holidays.
The biggest increases came from the following job boards:
1.'s with 9.1 million visitors - 78% increase over 2007.
2. Yahoo HotJobs drew 5.6 million visitors - 2.5 times the traffic in 2007.
3. drew 5.1 million visitors - reflecting an 88% increase
4. Simply Hired drew 3.1 million visitors - more than 2.5 times the 2007 traffic.


Marianna said...


As usual, you give clear, practical & succinct advice to the job hunter.

I've forwarded this on to those who are hunting.

ICT said...

Thank you for sharing such an informative article. It's nice to have great ideas just like what I've read in

Keep it up!

Mark M said...

Hey I really like your site--lots of helpful information. Keep it up!! Speaking of online job searching--here a helpful new tool your readers may want to know about. It's a website called: Many employers are still hiring, but they don't post on the main job boards because they are getting inundated with resumes from tons of people that are not qualified. However, the company is still required to post the job--so they may just post it on their own company website. This website is a search engine that looks at job openings on company websites only. It's free and can be very helpful.

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