Monday, October 12, 2009

Get Fit for Life; Become a Personal Trainer

If you are considering a new career path in the growing personal wellness industry, have you thought about the following reasons to become a Personal Trainer?

Emphasis on Health and Wellness
There is no topic today garnering more air time and public debate than healthcare. Listen carefully to the dialogue and you’ll hear conversations about a healthy new focus on wellness and preventative care. If a lot of clinical work is not appealing to you, but you love the concept of helping people live healthier lives, consider becoming a Personal Trainer. It is definitely a way to enter the increasingly important healthcare industry.

Projected Need for Personal Trainers
The US Department of Labor projects that the need for Personal Trainers will grow much faster than average over the next several years. As the self-help industry grows, more people are turning to independent professionals like Personal Chefs and Life Coaches to help them keep their lives on track. Personal Trainers will have the same ability to support individuals, families and organizations create and maintain healthy habits.

Evolution in the Occupation
In an interview with WebMD, Fred Klinge, chairman of Health and Registry Board at the American College of Sports Medicine spoke of how the scope of personal fitness trainers had broadened. "It's not just about weight lifting and cardio work anymore…it's more about assistance in developing a healthy and fit lifestyle."

Chance to Start a Business
Self employment is an increasingly attractive option in this tough economy as people look for ways to “recession proof” their careers and create multiple streams of income. If you are already committed to your own personal fitness routine but would love to motivate and support others to reach their goals, consider working towards a new career as a Personal Trainer.

As with all career decisions, due diligence is required. Start your research by exploring personal training programs like the one at Bryan College, offering flexible, online classes which can lead to a certificate in about 60 weeks.


Anonymous said...

To have a great life and reflect in a good job, personal health trainer should be selected.

Job Duties said...

Yes that's my belief too. We should select the best personal trainer for us to give back a good quality results in our career.

Marcia Robinson said...

No question that one's workplace sanity is dependent on wellness of mind, body and spirit. Without a healthy balance between wellness, family and good support, workplace challenges can be overwhelming. Some workplaces actually bring in personal trainers to work with employees.

Karen said...

Sports is what it's all about. It is good for keeping your body in shape and stay out of trouble. Of course you can still get in trouble no matter what, like me. I was a star basketball player in high school and some colleges were offering me scholarships. After my graduation party I got caught drunk driving and police also found some drugs in my car. I got arrested and couldn't go to play college ball. I was court ordered to go to a drug rehab. Narconon Arrowhead has changed my life. Even though my drug use was a one time thing, but Narconon still opened my eyes. It made me realize why it all happened and how to control myself in that kind of situation if it ever happens again.

Marcia Robinson said...


You make good points. You also point to another group of folks who may be interested in a career as a personal trainer - high school and college athletes. We all know that a very small percentage of people who play high school or college sports go on to be pro athletes.