Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Secret Weapon to Manage Job Interview Body Language

Some experts believe that body language communicates in three specific ways:

1. Acts as a replacement for words
2. Acts as a reinforcement of our words when we gesture to emphasize speech
3. Acts as a mirror of inner emotions and attitudes

Here are some of the more common body language messages recruiters might be getting from job seekers in the job interviews: (Of course recruiters are human too and could definitely be misinterpreting what they are seeing)

- Fear and insecurity – You aren’t making eye contact
- Bias – You are staring at only one interviewer and ignoring the others
- No confidence – You have a weak handshake
- Disinterest – You are slouching or hanging over the arm of the chair
- Arrogance – You are leaning back in the chair
- Nervousness – You are gesticulating wildly and relying on your hands to do all the talking
- Discomfort – You are fidgeting with tight or ill fitting clothing

It's hard to recognize when body language might be failing you in the interview.  It's harder yet to modify behavior and movements on the fly, while you are in the interview.  The best time to fix body language concerns is before the real interview, by doing a mock interview.

Doing a mock interview, or practice interview is a great way to check on what your body is saying.

Ask a friend to help and set up a video camera and I guarantee that you will see yourself in a whole new way. Ask for feedback and take notes.  A mock interview is a great way to invest an hour and get immediate feedback to help bring your body in line on your next job interview.


Ranvi said...

Good points. I think body language speaks volumes and people just don't know. I think managers excuse fear, but arrogance and disinterest are hard to look at positively.

Donald said...

Great Post! Many prospects don't understand interviewers are great judges of character. The body language always makes the first impression.

customer service resume said...

How you walk through the door and take your seat speaks volumes about your state of mind at the time of your interview. Interviewers or for that matter anyone will judge you by your body language. So its not that you can change your body language just for an interview but you will have to change your entire attitude, make it positive and win any interview.