Saturday, September 10, 2011

Survey says Employers Value Emotional Intelligence over IQ

A recent Career Builder survey of 2600 employers showed 61% of employers are more likely to promote workers with high emotional intelligence (EI) over candidates with high IQ.  Why would they do that?  In this recessionary environment where workers are stressed and overwhelmed, companies might be more attracted to those workers who can bring a certain kind of calm to the workplace.

Rosemary Haefner, VP of Human Resources at Career Builder says it this way, "The competitive job market allows employers to look more closely at the intangible qualities that pay dividends down the road – like skilled communicators and perceptive team players...In a recovering economy, employers want people who can effectively make decisions in stressful situations and can empathize with the needs of their colleagues and clients to deliver the best results."

When Managers and HR Directors were asked about what behaviors they look at to evaluate a worker's Emotional Intelligence, the top responses were:
-They admit and learn from their mistakes
-They can keep emotions in check and have thoughtful discussions about tough issues
-They listen as much or more than they talk
-They take criticism well
-They show grace under pressure

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Eve said...

You would think that keeping emotions in check in the workplace is easy. Sometimes it's easier said than done.