Thursday, March 29, 2012

10 Reasons Some College Graduates Can't Find Jobs

We are fast approaching graduation season.

Although the economy is bouncing back a bit, it will still be challenging to find a job.  New graduates from vocational or career training programs need to remember that job search success requires constant effort.  Use this list as a checklist to ensure you are doing everything you can with every job opportunity that comes your way.  This list of the 10 reasons some vocational and career training graduates can't find jobs can keep yourself on track.  In most cases, you can do something about a job search if things are not working out.
  • Using bad resumes and cover letters.  Find sample resumes at TheHBCUCareerCenter 
  • Not using their college resources.  Check out the alumni network and VISIT the career center.
  • Overlooking internships after graduation. Internships are still possible after college.
  • Engaging in negative social networking. Clean up your online persona.
  • Resumes show a lack of leadership experience from college.  Not all experience has to be paid.
  • Not understanding what employers want. Do your research.
  • Poor networking skills.  Networking doesn't just mean asking for help.  It means helping as well.
  • No job interview preparation.  Find a way to do a mock interview.
  • Little or no follow-up.  Every lead is important.
  • Too much career ambiguity.  If employers think you don't know what you want, they might not hire you.


Marianna said...

You've created an easy to refer to checklist to help grads hone their job-search skills - much needed when bewilderment and frustration set in.

jobsactontrack said...

Let's get moving so friends and family can help build this country! We have to cut through the red-tape and get the American Jobs Act through Congress! Please come through and take a look at the blog, leave a comment and let's get Americans back on the job.

BullsEyeCareers said...

Thanks Marianna. Anything that can help to lower the job search stress is a good thing.

BullsEyeCareers said...


There are benefits in the ACT for many professional groups. Thank heavens there was some progress on the Veterans.


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Temporary jobs kent said...

Thanks Marianna.That one is the big mistake "No job interview preparation"Your interview show your whole academic background includes your skill.

careers in sales said...

"No job interview preparation" is definitely a mistake when searching for Graduate sales jobs

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