Monday, January 9, 2012

Careers that Help you Keep New Years Resolutions

The Salary Reporter at put together a very clever list of occupations for anyone considering a career change this year.  If your new years resolution includes losing weight, changing career or staying healthy, but you are afraid that you might not make it.  Maybe if your start a relationship with one of these professionals, you might be able to stay on track and meet your new years goals.

My favorites in the list?
-Personal Trainers - Annual salary $45,600
-Personal Chefs - Annual salary $42,800

Check out the full list of possible coaches to help you keep your new years resolution.

Afraid You’ll Fail? Meet Your New Year’s Resolution Support Staff


eve said...

Doesn't everyone want a personal chef? I know I do

Marcia Robinson said...

You are so right Eve. I could use a personal trainer AND a personal chef.