Friday, January 20, 2012

What is your Body Saying to You?

My friend Marianna, owner of Change of Heart Stress Solutions, had a painful experience the other day when the doctor had to put her hip back into it's socket.  Yikes....

In sharing her experiences, Marianna (Auntie Stress, as we know her), found a way to use the experience to speak to us again about how to handle stress.  Marianna speaks to habits we form as a result of stress. Marianna says, "When I work with clients. When under stress, breathing becomes shallow. Repeat this often enough and this becomes the normal way to breathe. Instead of breathing using the diaphragm, they are using the muscles of the neck and chest. If you have tight shoulders and neck muscles, check how you are breathing."

Here are questions she challenges us to ask ourselves as we examine how our bodies might be reacting to stress:
  1. What is your body saying that you are unable to say? How?
  2. Are there some habits that you wish to develop that you have not yet repeated often enough?
  3. Which unwanted habits need re-framing? Do you have strategies in place to fill the void of the unwanted habit?
Read the full article by Marianna - Your Body Speaks

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