Thursday, July 19, 2012

How Vo-Tech Career Centers Can Use Twitter

Career Training and Vo-tech programs put a lot of emphasis on career planning and career advising with their students.  One of the best new tools that career centers are using to connect with students is Twitter.

Here are 7 ways that Vo-Tech career centers could be using Twitter.  Whether you are a career advisor or a student, Twitter could play a really important role in how you move through the job search: (Read the complete article here)

  • Use Twitter to inform students; not stalk them 
  • Twitter Lists can help students catalog information by subject
  • Share information about career workshops and events as they happen
  • Vo-tech students can help to market career center services using Twitter
  • College students can tweet questions to presenters during workshops
  • Twitter helps career advisors direct the research of career information by students
  • Career centers use Twitter to connect with employers who don't recruit at their school

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