Sunday, October 28, 2007

Create a "Kudos Folder" to showcase your work

I recently worked with a client embarking on a job search after several years with one organization. Although she had enjoyed her time there, the company was sold and a new management team had been in place for about a year. My client felt that there were increasingly fewer and fewer opportunities for her advancement as the company changed directions.

Although her good work was acknowledged over and over by the previous owners, she really had no records to show how much her prior bosses valued her work.

One of the things I recommended to this client was to immediately establish a "Kudos Folder" simply by adding a folder in her email account and getting a 3-ring binder for her hard copies of kudos she would receive. Additionally, she needed to immediately identify and contact others who were familiar with her work such as customers, vendors and former employees to ask if they would be willing to share an email with her about her prior work with them.

Within a week she had received several commendations from people she had worked with. Not only was that the boost in confidence she needed to move forward with her job search, the emails she received reminded her of projects she had forgotten.

Setting up a "Kudos Folder" in your email account is easy to do and can become a reservoir of information when it's time to update your resume.

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