Monday, October 29, 2007

Master Presentations for Workplace Success

I had the opportunity to view a group of presenters today who were all speaking about the benefits of working for their current employer, a large financial services organization. It was interesting to note that the newer college graduates displayed stronger presentation skills than the more senior staff.

How could that be? The fact is, the more seasoned employees had more details to give
and their longer term stints with this company was better testament to the benefits of employment with the company.

Here's what I think the difference was between the presenters - a much higher energy level from new graduate exuberance versus the calmer, more seasoned professionals.

The audience was clearly more engaged by the newer employees who spoke with energy and passion. For presentations, energy is definitely key to your believability.

According to A. Barbour, author of Louder Than Words: Nonverbal Communication, the total impact of messages breaks down the following way:
7 % words - verbal
38 % volume, pitch, rhythm - vocal
55 % body movements (mostly facial expressions)

Energetic presenters keep us engaged through body movements, volume, pitch and rhythm. These are skills to master and maintain. 

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