Monday, November 26, 2007

Day 26 - Identify 2-3 Career Options

National Career Development Month

You have done a lot of research, soul searching and asked a lot of questions this month. Hopefully your research and job analysis is giving you some clarity on your next career move. If your decision is to stay where you are, you have probably discovered some ways to enhance your existing job. If you know a career change, career makeover or career adjustment is in your future, you should be able to identify 2-3 career options you will explore in the future. Do not attempt to put a time limit on yourself at this point since time limits sometimes add extra stress. If you can fine, if you cannot do not stress about it, you are still on a fact finding mission at this point.

These might include:
-One option which is a modification or twist on your current role. A new assignment with your existing company or in your current industry
-One which has you moving in another direction completely to pursue something more meaningful to you
-One might be taking you towards business ownership

Whichever direction you choose at this point, identify 2 or 3 options.

Look at careers and related careers. For each career option visit O*Net and explore education, tasks, skills for success in that career. Explore a day in the life, schedule Informational Interviews and evaluate what is required, what do you have and where the performance gaps are that you will need to fill.

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