Thursday, November 29, 2007

Day 29 – Put Your References on Notice

National Career Development Month

If you are thinking about a career change or career makeover it is time to put your references on notice about the possible need for their future support.

This BullseyeResumes article at Associated Content gives you some insight on writing letters of recommendation. If you are asking for a recommendation keep the following tips in mind:

1. Make sure to ask people for their willingness to participate with enough notice.
2. If they say "No" it does not mean they don't support you, it may mean they do not currently have the time.
3. Be honest about the position for which you are applying.
4. Share your resume so your supporter will have all the relevant information including dates, job titles and company names.
5. Ask your reference to let you know if and when they are called.
6. Ask in a phone call or in person. Avoid email requests if possible.
7. Share some sample letters if it will help to expedite the process.

For the most part, people really appreciate being asked and enjoy spreading the word about how they enjoyed working with you. Be willing to do this for others as well.

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Anita said...

These are excellent suggestions. I've heard many complaints from people who say they haven't heard from someone in years, then they're asked to serve as a reference. People should continue to network with those they might like to serve as a reference, just like any other business contact. It is one of the most valuable investments you can make in your career future.
Anita Bruzzese