Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Do You Love Your Job or Hate Your Job?

How many of us would say we love our jobs vs. those who would say we hate our jobs. If the latest Conference Board report is any indication, an increasing number of us really are dissatisfied with our work.

If what we are searching for on Google is any indicator of how we feel about our jobs the following data might surprise some of us. I chose to search and compare the number of hits for the following phrases.

"I love my job" got 1.75M hits on Google compared to "I hate my job" getting 501K hits. (3 times)

"I love my boss" got 210K hits on Google compared to "I hate my boss" getting 37.5K hits. (6 times)

"I love my work" got 169K hits on Google compared to "I hate my work" getting 83K hits. (2 times)

Of course those numbers can change from one minute to the next and will differ depending on search parameters. However, it seemed that searches on positive terms and phrases about jobs and bosses, yielded more hits than negative phrases.

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