Friday, January 11, 2008

Career Philly - An Amazing Resource for College Students in Philadelphia

CareerPhilly is one tool that the City of Philadelphia is using to attract and keep college graduates in the region.

Created by Knowledge Industry Partnership, (KIP) Career Philly is a student retention initiative to entice the 300,000 students attending the 83 colleges and universities, and the 50,000 that graduate annually, to remain and begin their professional careers in the region.

Career Philly:
- Hosts job and internship fairs for the regions' students
- Partners with regional college career centers
- Hosts a website full of job search resources

Through KIP, the OneBigCampus program was developed to impact students as they progress from prospects deciding where to attend college (CampusVisit), to students attending college (Campus Philly), to graduates launching their careers (Career Philly).

Call up city hall and see what your city offers!

If you live in Pennsylvania, find career resources on our Pennsylvania at Work Blog as well.

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