Friday, January 11, 2008

Most Overrated Careers of 2008

Marty Nemko has crafted this list of the most overrated careers in an article for US News & World Report.

The list is subjective, and does not mean that people are not happy in these careers. These conclusions were derived from a review of books, articles, websites, forums, and blogs about people's experiences in careers, supplemented by confidential counseling sessions with 2,600 people over a period of two decades. By the way, Nemko says these are the jobs we see on television and think look really glamorous.

Here goes the list. Are you in one of these careers?

Advertising executive
Clinical psychologist
Medical scientist
Nonprofit manager
Police officer
Real estate agent
Small-business owner

As far as Teacher and Nonprofit Manager goes, I think people think these jobs allow people to really give back and make a contribution. Of course, everyone wants to be able to do that. Often, Teachers and Nonprofit Managers are overworked, underpaid and definitely unappreciated. They also work within bureaucracies that impede progress sometimes.

Regarding the other careers on the list? Most people just don't think about the training required to succeed in these careers or the high level of day to day stress involved. Most people might see high salaries, prestige and flexible schedules, but not much else.

Your thoughts?


Andrew said...

Financial advisor and insurance broker careers, even in a slowing economy offers great rewards for unlimited income - but much of it is commission based.

Still, many people feel commission based careers are the only way to earn your worth. Finance Broker Careers

Marcia said...

You are right about commissioned based careers. They can really pay you what you are worth.

Sometimes I think that good sales people have let the bad sales people define their profession. Once people hear the word "sales" their anxiety level goes up and they think of unreliability rather than potential.

Thanks for sharing.