Saturday, January 12, 2008

Checklist to Proofread a Teen Resume

After writing a first resume draft, put your high school resume aside for a day or two.

On day three, use the following checklist as a guide to proofread your resume.

1. Check all the spelling and grammar. Use spell check in your word processor!
2. Verify that all the contact information is correct and current.
3. Make sure the education section has graduation date and current status.
4. Make sure all relevant honors and achievements are included.
5. Keep education information in top 30% of the high school resume.
6. Do not include the names of your references in your high school resume.
7. Limit your high school resume to one page.
8. Make sure you used the same font consistently.
9. Keep bullets and general formatting consistent also.
10. Include volunteer work and community service.

You should also make sure your high school resume is critiqued by the career counseling staff at your school.

Your parents can help to proofread your high school resume as well.

High School Sample Resumes

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