Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Consider a Military Career After High School

Are you graduating from high school this year and considering your career options?

You might want to consider a career in the military.

Read more or call to find recruiting locations near you.

Army - 800.USA.ARMY
US Marines - 800.MARINES
Navy - 800.USA.NAVY
Air Force - 800.423.USAF
Coast Guard - 800.424.8883
Army National Guard - 800.TO.GO.ANG
Air National Guard - 800.GO.GUARD

Two additional resources:
Military Spot

Read an article from Denise Witmer called Five Reasons Your Young Adult Should Consider the Military

If you don't have time to read the entire article here are the major advantages the author identifies as advantages of a military career.

1. Maturity, Focus, Pride
2. Education Benefits
3. On-the-job Training
4. Lifetime career
5. Veteran's Benefits

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