Monday, January 14, 2008

Technical Skills are Vital to Michigan's Future

So says an editorial in the Detroit News of January 10th.

The editorial reports results of two recent surveys that says that thousands of jobs are currently waiting for those who qualify.

A survey of clients of the Accident Fund, a worker compensation insurance firm, found that 30,940 jobs in the small to mid size business sector could go unfilled.

The other study done for Automation Alley noted that salaries for skilled workers grew even though the number of jobs in the region shrunk. Automation Alley is a business and government group in southeast Michigan that supports the region's technology industry.

The study reports that 2004-2005 saw a 5.1 percent increase in the average wage in the technology.

The study implies that as Michigan bounces back from 7.6% unemployment rate in December 2007, technical skills will be in demand.

Employees willing to jump into technical programs and vocational training should reap benefits.

Learn more about technical, vocational training programs in Michigan.

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