Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Consider Green Collar Jobs if Reentering the Workplace

As you consider career reentry, think about going green.

You have probably noticed the increase in talk about "Green Collar Jobs" and wondering exactly what that means.

A recent article in the Washington Post offers this explanation. The term "Green Collar" is a spin off from "Blue Collar" or "White Collar" terms we know well. The term has been around since 1992, according to Tom Pitoniak, from Merriam-Webster. Pitoniak says that originally it was primarily used by those who have been involved with environmental work.

Raquel Pinderhughes at Urban Habitat identifies and lists green collar jobs in these 22 specific sectors based on the result of employer interviews:

-Bicycle repair and bike delivery services
-Car and truck mechanic jobs, production jobs, and gas-station jobs related to biodiesel
-Energy retrofits to increase energy efficiency and conservation
-Green building
-Green waste composting on a large scale
-Hauling and reuse of construction materials and debris (C&D)
-Hazardous materials clean-up
-Manufacturing related jobs - solar panels, bike cargo systems, green waste bins
-Materials reuse
-Non-toxic household cleaning in residential and commercial buildings
-Parks and open space expansion and maintenance
-Printing with non-toxic inks and dyes
-Public transit jobs related to driving, maintenance, and repair
-Recycling and reuse
-Small businesses producing products from recycled materials
-Solar installation
-Tree cutting and pruning
-Peri-urban and urban agriculture
-Water retrofits to increase water efficiency and conservation
-Whole home performance, including attic insulation, weatherization, etc.

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