Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Informational Interview Questions?

Informational Interviews are a great way to find out more about a career or job especially as you try to decide which vocational training program to pursue. (Get more interview tips at BullsEyeResumes Vocational Interview FAQs)

The Informational Interview is a good way for you to get greater insight into a job or career by interviewing someone who is actually in that career or job.

Keep in mind the goal of the Informational Interview is to learn more, not ask for a job. Here are some examples of informational interview questions you can ask. Be sure to write them down before you meet with the professional. Also be very respectful of their time and stick with the schedule you arranged.

1. What do you do in a typical day on your job?
2. What training or education is required for this job/career?
3. What personal qualities or abilities contribute to success in this job/career?
4. What do you find most satisfying and most challenging about your work?
5. What was your career path after you graduated from your vocational program?
6. What opportunities for advancement exist in this career?
7. What entry-level jobs in this industry would you recommend as the place to begin a career?
8. In your opinion - how has this job/career changed over the last 5 or 10 years?
9. How do you see the job/career changing over th next 5 years?
10. Which professional associations or journals would you recommend?
11. If you could relive your career path in this industry, what would you change? Why?
12. Do you have any advice for me on my resume?
13. How can I change it to improve responses from employers in this field?
14. Who would you recommend I speak with to get more information about this job/career?
15. May I use your name when I contact the person you recommended?

The career advisors on your campus would love to help you connect with someone who would be willing to help you this way. Potential candidates could be:
1. Alumni
2. Program Advisory Board members

Do not limit yourself to face to face informational interviews. Remember that it might be more convenient to do your informational interview by phone or even email if it will be more convenient for the professional who is taking time to help you.

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