Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Advice for Changing Careers and Coping With Job Loss

As I write about General Motors' buy out offers to 74,000+ employees, I think about the changes to come in the lives and careers of these employees. Careers and employment will never be the same for these laid off workers even with cash payments of up to $140,000. Some of the displaced workers will welcome the buyout and others will not be happy with the pending career changes. CNN Money speaks to some of the difficult choices workers at GM will make.

"Those who leave (GM)and agree to sever all ties with the company - including giving up lucrative pension and health care coverage - will receive a lump sum of $140,000 if they have 10 years of service. They will receive $70,000 if they have less than 10 years of service."

These GM employees might perceive career changes or disruptions as a loss. These articles offer career advice on how to manage careers through changes like layoffs.

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-Job Loss can Lead to Depression

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Anita said...

This is the kind of blog post I really like. One that offers lots of good resources. The one thing about job loss is that it makes you feel so powerless. By offering information, you are giving each person a chance to regain some of their self-esteem. It's a good reminder that even though we really feel badly for someone who has lost a job, the best thing we can do is offer them contacts, job resources, etc.,...and a shoulder to lean on when they need it.
Anita Bruzzese