Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Going Back to Work For Yourself

If you are thinking about starting a business after retirement, a home based business is an option. Home based businesses make up about 50% of all businesses in the US.

Every year StartupNation pulls together a list of the top 100 Home Based Businesses. StartupNation wants to remind people that many large corporations like MicroSoft and Dell were both home based at one point in the very early stages.

Here are the top 10 home based businesses from the StartupNation's Top 100: (read the entire list here as you research more)

1. Medical Solutions International
2. Surefire Marketing
3. Ocean Summit Travel
4. Wizard Industries
5. Steam Showers
6. Free Underdog
7. Birol Growth Consulting
8. Home Remedies
9. Write2Market
10. The Welcome Committee

Bookmark StartupNation to read start-up checklists or to join in discussion forums with others who share your dream of home business ownership.

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Rich said...

thanks for posting this resource at our website for your readers. i hope they find it inspiring. as a true evangelist promoting the life of entrepreneurship, i'd be happy to help people considering making the leap in any way i can...

rich (startupnation co-founder)