Friday, February 22, 2008

Get Fired Up After Getting Fired!

One of the professional associations that I subscribe to is "Women In Technology International" (WITI). I read a great article by Margaret Heffernan titled "Fired Up".

She recounts her own personal behavior after being fired for the first time. Here is what she says, "I felt my whole world had come crashing down around me. I was in a job that I adored. I was passionate about it, believed in it, and had no concept of ever doing anything else. Sleepless for days and torn between rage and grief, I made my indignation felt far and wide. If my company was going to fire me, I thought, it should suffer. So I tried to humiliate it and its leaders in every way I could find."

She continues to say how she regretted her own behavior which left her with a bad name. She recounts also what happened after her father was fired at 55 even though the company called it "early retirement."

Read the rest of the article for her recommendations on how to get fired up after getting fired.

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