Friday, February 22, 2008

Career Transition Resource List

How serious are you about a career transition or career makeover?

Even when dissatisfied with jobs or careers, many employees hesitate to make changes. Don't feel bad, it is wise to err on the side of caution when making career decisions.

Regardless of whether the economy is in recession or boom times, due diligence is very important when considering career transitions.

Here are some career resources offering free career advice on exploration and transitions:

1. Check out the November 2007 blog entries here at November is National Career Development Month and so for each blog entry that month, read a different piece of career advice.

2. Check out the top Career Blogs and bookmark your favorites. BullsEyeResumes recently debuted on that list. (We are pretty excited about that since although BullsEye Resumes has been around for six years, our blog is pretty new.)

3. Bootstrapper's 50 Tools to Change Career Paths.

4. Read Anita Bruzzese at 45things. Check out her new book "45 Things You Do That Drive Your Boss Crazy…and How to Avoid Them"

5. Read relevant career articles at BullsEyeResumes

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