Saturday, February 23, 2008

How To Get an Interview With a Top Employer

The Black Collegian Magazine has been published since 1970 and is a great free resource for college students and college career centers.

Published by IMDiversity, The Black Collegian was developed to help college students of color seeking information on careers, job opportunities, graduate/professional school, internships/co-ops, study abroad programs, etc.

The magazine is distributed on over 800 campuses nationwide, primarily through the career services offices and is completely free to students.

This spring's mega issue has a great article written by Kim Wells, Director of Career Services at Howard University. The article features interviews with HR professionals from major corporations with campus interviewing programs like KPMG, IBM Global Services and Target.

These HR professionals provide answers to the following questions from Wells:
1. What should a student do to secure an onsite interview?
2. What do recruiters really want?
3. What should students know to get an interview?
4. What gets the attention of recruiters?
5. What final pointer would you offer students?

Pick up a free copy of Black Collegian from your college career center to read the complete answers to these and other questions.

Check out Black Collegian Online as well.

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