Friday, April 11, 2008

Healthcare Job Training

The U.S. Labor Department projects that by 2016, Registered Nurses, at 587, 000, tops the list of occupations with the largest growth.

If you are interested in a nursing career in the recession-proof Healthcare sector, you could become a licensed practical nurse, with a year of career training.

A 2002-2003 national study, “Supply, Demand and Use of Practical Nurses,” summarized by the researchers/authors from the American Journal of Nursing, concluded that hospitals could benefit from hiring more LPNs. A LPN should expect a starting salary of approximately $24,000.

How do you become a LPN?
Attend a licensed practical nursing school that prepares you for the NCLEX-LN certification exam which is a requirement to become an LPN in all fifty states.

These resources will help with job hunting as well as finding a career training school:
LPN Nursing Schools in the US and Canada.

Council of Practical Nursing Schools in NY

Trade Schools, Colleges and Universities

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