Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Hourly Skilled Workers Are in Demand

Paul Barton, a senior associate at the Educational Testing Service, posed a provocative question in the title of his report: “How many college graduates does the U.S. labor force need?”

His survey counted the number of college-educated workers in jobs that do not require such degrees. Barton found that 60% of people in existing jobs have “some college” or post-secondary credential — yet only one in three jobs actually requires that level of education. In the mean time blue-collar trades people — from truck drivers to plumbers to electricians — are perpetually in demand. None of these fields require training that cannot be gained on-the-job or through apprenticeship programs.

Keep in mind that less than 40% of the largest and fastest-growing job classifications require four-year diplomas. Hourly/Skilled workers continue to be the backbone of the US economy.

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