Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Making the Most of Jobs Fairs

If you are in the Class of 2008 and planning to attend job fairs this spring, here are some questions to ask about the company, the industry or the job.

The more you have researched the organization, the better your conversation will be. Read - Looking for the Right Place to Work - Do Your Research?

• I am interested in your company because …Can you offer me suggestions on how I can successfully apply to your organization?

• Can you tell me what types of skills and experience your company looks for in new graduates?

• Can you describe a typical entry-level position in your company for which I might qualify?

• What kinds of training programs does your company have set up for entry-level positions?

• What do you like most about working for your company?

• Can you tell me more about the internship/coop program or summer employment mentioned on your website?

• I am interested in (blank), whom in your company would you suggest that I contact?

• May I leave my resume with you?

• How may I follow up with you?

• What should a college graduate know about this industry before they apply for a job or begin a career?

• What professional associations would you recommend for an entry level employee?

• Can you recommend periodicals and journals you think would be important for me to subscribe to for professionals in this field?

• What skills do you think are the most important in building a successful career in this field?

• Where can I find out more about career paths in this industry?

• What advice would you give to someone trying to break into this field?

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