Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Not Your Father's VoTech - PA Schools are Redefining VoTechs

VoTech education in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania is changing per an article in Morning Call.

The article states, "No longer just a stopping point for students destined to become carpenters, beauticians or mechanics, area vo-techs are now tailoring courses and curricula to help students land high-paying white-collar jobs in fields such as architecture, Web design and health care".

Example of one student who will benefit?

Tara VanDenEynde is 18 years old and spends half of her day at the Lehigh Career & Technical Institute in the school's dental lab. Her anticipated salary as a Dental Hygienist after completion of her Associates? $55K.

How is Tara different from VoTech students in years gone by? She is an honors student at Northwestern Lehigh High School.

Emma Ratz is enrolled at Lehigh in the Commercial Photography program. "Almost everything about this school, a student had a part in...I love this school. If feel like I have a family here".

If you or someone you know is exploring careers, take another look at VoTech education and how it has evolved to meet the needs of students and communities.

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