Monday, April 7, 2008

Dropping out of High School Will Affect Your Career

Your high school diploma is a key to future career and job success.

The US Department of Education reports that "high school dropouts earn 30 percent less than high school graduates, when they can find jobs at all".

Did you know that the US graduation rate is about 70%, which is well behind countries like South Korea at 96 percent or Russia at 87 percent.

Not only are US students dropping out of highschool at an alarming rate, US schools are using different metrics from the Department of Education to measure graduation rates. For example, in the state of Mississippi, the state reports 87 % graduation rates when the Department of Education figures shows it at 63.3%. This leaves us with even greater confusion about the whole situation.

Here is where there is no confusion; you need a high school diploma to have good jobs and a good career.

Don't be left behind and set yourself up to be unemployed or earn 30% less.

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