Sunday, April 6, 2008

Taking the Internship Up a Notch

Check out this great slide show at BusinessWeek showcasing new professionals who completed internships with top companies. Today's employers are successfully using internship programs to find good candidates for long term career and leadership development programs.

This slide show features former college interns from top programs and highlight their "Extra Effort" assignments as well as their advice for others wanting to have similar success on their own internship program.

Some quick "Be's" for internship success:

1. Be willing to go above and beyond
2. Be ready to learn from those with experience
3. Be aware of your surroundings
4. Be open to learning new things
5. Be a team player
6. Be quick to volunteer
7. Be unwavering about doing good work
8. Be sure to make connections and network
9. Be gracious about doing less than glamorous work
10. Be a good representative for your college. The future relationship between this employer and your university will depend a lot on your behavior during the summer internship.

Read more about "Internship Behavior You Might Live to Regret".

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