Friday, April 4, 2008

Use an Outplacement Service After Layoff

Many companies that are considering reducing their workforce will often hire contractors to provide outplacement services for the staff.

Some of the services that these outplacement services offer include:

-Resume writing
-Job search preparation
-Interview skills training
-Career coaching through one-on-one sessions or in group workshops
-Office resources for you to use in the job search such as computers and internet access

Keep in mind that these outplacement services are usually available to you for a limited time only. Be sure to utilize them during the contracted period. You may have to pay for job search services beyond the contract period.

Be wary also of other services not contracted by your company, who prey on the newly laid off and charge outrageous fees, promise a lot and deliver little or nothing for you.

Here are some resources when using outplacement firms:

Here are some resources when using outplacement firms:

Association of Career Firms International
Do your due diligence and find an outplacement firm in your specific area either in the US or Canada.

Association of Career Professionals
Look for members who specialize in career management and transition

Regardless of who you choose to work with, do not give up your power to others. Much of the legwork and research you will be able to do on your own. The key to successful transitions:
1. Stay positive (Read - A Positive Attitude is Key to Successful Career Transitions)
2. Check out the 30-Days To Career Satisfaction blog entries for November 2007