Friday, May 30, 2008

America's Coolest Internships

Scottrade was mentioned in the February, 2008, Inc. Magazine's list of America's Coolest Internship programs. Here are 7 tips from recruiter Amy Meister on the Scottrade website for college students who want to get into good internship programs:

- Use all of your available resources to find great internship programs.

- Take advantage of the career counselors and advisors and upperclassmen at your college or university.

- Practice professional job seeking skills to get into internship programs.

- Take your search for internship programs seriously as if you were looking for a full-time job.

- Show an interest in the company.

- Personalize your cover letter, do some research about the company and point out any prior experiences that would make you an asset for internship programs in a a particular company.

- First impressions are important.

- The interview is your place to shine. Project a professional image with your clothing, manners and enthusiasm.

- Make your experience relate.

- In your resume, include part-time jobs, volunteer work, fundraising and charitable activities, athletics and even school-related projects that may align with the internship you are seeking.

- Think outside the semester.

- Let the internship recruiter know that your goal is to work with that company beyond the internship program.

- Follow-up after the interview.

- Send a thank-you letter by mail or e-mail.

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