Sunday, May 25, 2008

Attention Boomers: Generation Y Expects To Find You In Social Networks

The following article speaks to why social networking sites have to be a part of your career reentry strategy.

Source - "Attention Boomers: Generation Y Expects To Find You In Social Networks"

"Many career reentry professionals are still unsure of why they need to create a professional profile online on social networking sites such as LinkedIn.

Let me share with you a story that I heard recently.

I was speaking to the HR Director and Head of Talent Management of a division of one of the worlds leading brands and they were sharing with me their experience of attracting and recruiting Generation Y employees, an area I've been researching for a future book project I am working on.

They recalled a recent interview with a Generation Y candidate where they were taken a-back when the candidate said that they were surprised that they could not find the HR Director or Head of Talent Management on the social network LinkedIn.

I should hasten to add that both the HR Director and the Head of Talent Management are both of Generation X - not Matures or Baby-boomers.

I should also mention that the company they work for pride themselves in believing they are connected and have innovative practices about attracting and retaining Generation Y employees - in fact representatives from the company are often asked to speak on the subject. They even have a group on Facebook.

The HR Director shared with me that their immediate thought was:

What's LinkedIn?"

Article by Krishna De and courtesy of Biz Growth News blog posted at

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