Monday, May 12, 2008

Job Offers Going Down?

We have all heard the news about the failing or slowing economy and a possible pending recession.

Career Diva warns against the tendency for job seekers, fearful of losing offers, to take lower salaries than they would normally consider. Her advice? "Don't do it".

"This is exactly what companies want, workers who are running scared prepared to take any amount of money; prepared to take cuts in benefits; time off, hand over your first born".

Career Diva rightly makes the point that accepting lower salaries puts job seekers behind the curve over time, making it harder to catch up.

“It hurts your self-confidence and lowers the money you can make in the future. Or, in other words, there is catch up to do,” says career coach Deborah Brown-Volkman. “The goal in your career is to go forward, not backward.”

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