Monday, May 12, 2008

Stay-At-Home-Moms Earn $116,805? that I have your should know that this is based on the Mom-Calculator at

Every year for Mother's Day, looks at all the jobs done by stay-at-home-moms and adds a resonable rate based on prevailing wages.

As the survey reports:
Stay-at-Home Moms work a 94.4 hour "workweek" - over half her time spent on the job is overtime. The Working Moms reported an average 54.6 hour "mom work week" in addition to their paying jobs.

Of course the report does not tell us to whom we should submit a bill for these services. (:>

Check out this post for more information on making some real money working from home.


Anonymous said...

Don't we all wish there was a place to pick up such a check. Maybe our rewards are equally priceless.

Anonymous said...


nice blog!

I'm adding it to my favorites to come back to later (I suggest other readers do the same)

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Marcie said...

Thanks Tom. I completed the survey since I have two teens. Be sure to include the Arts and Music in your final camp project.