Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Capella University Opens Online Writing Lab to the Public

Capella University, a fully accredited online university established in 1993 has opened the online writing lab for public use.

Now the uiversity's 23,000+ students in doctoral, masters, bachelors and certificate programs will share the resource with any and all needing writing help.

"We decided to make this writing resource available to the general public, first, it's the nature of writing centers to share resources, and second, we have some unique resources to share because of collaboration among faculty, staff and our incredible web and instructional designers," said Leslie Olsen, coordinator of the writing center.

The Capella online writing lab categorizes information in five easy to navigate sections:

1. Writing Resources
2. Writing Handbook
3. Academic Publishing
4. Academic Integrity
5. Special Interest section which includes motivational quotes to move writers beyond writers block through inspiration.

New college graduates should bookmark this new writing resource as they embark on new careers.

Writing resources for new college graduates:

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