Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Rising Gas Prices Could Affect School in Rural America

How will the rising cost of gasoline affect students in community college and vocational training programs?

Vocational students, just like the rest of us, are going to be making serious choices about habits, especially where a commute is involved. Enrollment at some rural schools, community colleges and Vo-Tech programs might be affected this fall.

"Every time you fill the truck up, it costs $10 more a week than it did a year ago...That's $10 that's not being spent somewhere else," says Paul Kraft, at the University of New Mexico at Gallup, a two-year institution in the remote high desert. (Source - Chronicle of Higher Education)

Some tips to help vocational students manage the commuting crisis this fall:

- Car pool if possible. Visit the career placement office to find out about other students who want to car pool.
- Look at class schedules with longer days like a full Tuesday/Thursday or Monday/Wednesday/Friday options.
- Definitely take online classes.


PeeMar said...

Gas prices are a issue for everybody not just students. My fill-up went from $28 to $57. It makes people see the value in online classes.

Marcia said...

Many schools are really concerned about what their enrollment will look like in the fall because of the economy.

I read that many are going into their waiting lists, since some students are declining college offers.

You are right about the value of online classes in this environment.