Thursday, June 26, 2008

Scaring Employers With Personal Technology

We discuss the use of technology in the job search on this blog all the time. Some of the blog entries written include:

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Yesterday, I found another resource for you - an article by Roxanne Ravenel, The - Three Sure-Fire Methods of Scaring Off Potential Employers.

Ravenel offers great career advice and tips for effective use of personal technology in a job search.

-Using emails that are not strictly business. Emails with references to body parts, religious or political affiliations or Obscenities are a no-no.

-Hitting a sour note with ring backs on your phone - Ravenel urges to avoid "cutesy or edgy ring-backs and stick to the traditional ring, at least during an active job search".

-De-valuing voicemail - Use voicemail during the job search and check it frequently. Missed messages equal missed opportunities.

If the job search is stalled, check to see if technology is the culprit.


Miss Cotty said...

I think parents have to teach their children phone etiquette at the same time they give them a telephone. It seems no one is teaching that.

Marcie said...

Good point. Maybe it should be the role of parents to teach cell phone etiquette the same way they would teach other socially acceptable behavior.