Thursday, June 5, 2008

Failure to Launch A Career After Graduation

A Hayden Wilder survey of new college grad hiring shows that HR Executives say that 85% of entry level candidates are not prepared for the job search process.

One of major barriers for new college grads getting hired is a lack of follow-up. Keep in mind that job search follow up does not just mean following up after interviews, but keeping your word throughout the process. If you have graduated are job hunting and looking to start that perfect career, job search follow up has to be consistent, professional and timely.

Here are some of the areas where a lack of follow-up can really cause a failure to launch into that new career. This list is by no means exhaustive and is based on several years of working with new college graduates.

1. If someone who wants to help you in your search gives you the name of a hiring manager or HR recruiter; follow up and make the connection. Make connection with this new person and establish your own relationship. Be sure to acknowledge where you received their name.

2. Many college career centers will give college graduates a list of companies that are hiring new graduates. It is important that college graduates follow up by doing the required research on the list of organizations and apply for positions of interest.

3. Career counselors or career coaches will often give job seekers "homework". These are assignments that must be completed before a candidate can move to the next step. Whether this homework is to complete a career assessment, do an informational interview or draft a first resume, read an article completion and follow through is important.

4. If you collect business cards at a public event be it job fair, a MeetUp or an open house at a local organization, follow up within 48 hours after meeting someone.

5. Interview follow up can be in the form of a phone call, voice mail, an email or a written letter. Regardless of which format you choose to use, keep your message positive and professional.

6. Once you do land that first job and begin your path towards a long successful career, thank everyone who helped you to get to this point. Connect with your college career center or professors and let them know your decision. Thank the HR managers who may have referred you to the next level. Thank friends and family for their support and set up a schedule to keep in touch with these folks in six months or so. These people could be important again later on in your career.


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